About us

Fenghua Jinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd(MVSPC)is a supplier of pneumatic automation technology. MVSPC develops 18,000 kinds of pneumatic components since its establishment in 2003. As a young enterprise in automation industry, we believe our business growth always based on the growth of our customer’s, so we always serve our clients with the best products and service. With the help of ISO9001- certification, ceaselessly equipments upgrading, we strengthen our management and manufacturing capacity.
Mission of MVSPC:
Empowering Automation Industry through best components
Goal of MVSPC:
World-class pneumatic components supplier with continue quality, cost, delivery improvement and products development
Strength of MVSPC:
  + A great team: Our people enjoy working and learning together to supply best solutions of pneumatic components;
+ Cooperation with prestigious universities and research centers to obtain the latest technology;
+ Special engineering equipments with precision and speed excellence;
+ Promising and loyal clients support our growth with their insight
+ Deep understanding of international business ethnic, we grow together with our clients;
+ Good networking with local pneumatic manufacturing resources.